In the past, shade and accessories have been an after thought for most people when considering the design of their outdoor area, they have now come to be a core consideration.


Shade and accessories for your outdoor space will bring practicality, style, character and class. Styling and comfort using the best accessories, designed for outdoor use, will increase the enjoyment of everyone who comes to spend time and share good times with you. In the welcoming, inviting and relaxing space you create by providing a beautiful and considered space, you can take pride in giving the best for your family and friends to enjoy the best of life.

We know that bringing family and friends together, entertaining indoors and out, can be a major indicator of living well. Wellness is not only comfort, but also sun safety, particularly for the kids those hours in the pool and around the backyard barbie.


In our climate, suitable and effective shade can increase the enjoyment of time spent outside and the right umbrella, with appropriate, easy to use features can completely change the way an outdoor space is used.



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